Windfarm & Solar Visualisation

We have built a strong reputation providing highly accurate and robust verified photomontages for large commercial, residential and leisure schemes in both urban and rural settings. In this changing world, where we are set to become more dependant upon renewable energies, Troopers Hill are increasingly being called upon to produce accurate visualisations for wind farms, single turbines and solar PV arrays.


Historically, windfarm visualisations have been the subject of much controversy and it is an unfortunate circumstance that in England there is no singularly adopted methodology or method of presentation. Between the Highland Council, Scottish Natural Heritage and the Landscape Institute, there are a variety of approaches possible.


Our experience, solid understanding of all current methodologies and technical ability with verified views gives us a clear advantage in the field of renewable energy visualisation. We provide a value for money service with a high level of accuracy and unmatched realism.





Zone of Theoretical Visibility


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