Accurate Visual Representations (AVR) / Verified Views

All development proposals, particularly those of significant height or mass have a measurable impact on the surrounding landscape or townscape.  To assess the possible effect (positive, negative, significant or minor), planning authorities often require that the visual impact of the development is modelled, tested and verified using a combination of 3D modelling, rectified photography and spatial survey - Verified Views.


Verified Views, also known as Accurate Visual Representations (AVR) can be critical to the success of an application if used correctly.


With over 17 years experience in the production of verified views for planning, and working in partnership with specialist surveying teams we achieve an unsurpassed level of accuracy.


Our methodology is compliant with relevant sections of: The Landscape Institute Guidelines for Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment: 3rd edition (April 2013); Landscape Institute Advice Note (January 2011) Photography and Photomontage in Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment and where appropriate, London Plan 2011 Implementation Framework (March 2012) London View Management Framework Supplementary Planning Guidance: Appendix C: Accurate Visual Representations.

With no universally adopted methodology for Verified Views, the SPG document - London View Management Framework goes a long way to formulating a robust methodology for verified photomontages.  The [LVMF] document (appendix D) sets out the following Accurate Visual Representation (AVR) classification types. This classification is a cumulative scale in which each level incorporates all the properties of the previous. It is this LVMF methodology and AVR level style that we base much of our work on.  However, we have improved and developed the methodology and presentation techniques to suit more technical applications where a higher degree of accuracy is necessary.
AVR Level 0 (AVR0)

Location and size of proposal

AVR Level 1 (AVR1)

Location, size and degree of visibility of proposal

AVR Level 2 (AVR2)

As level 1 + description of architectural form

AVR Level 3 (AVR3)

As level 2 + use of materials